Friday, November 27, 2009


So two days ago I got a new Trombone!
YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS -new trombone dance-
It's a Shire Pro Select model, which means it's some of the highest quality parts of a trombone put together!
Shires also handmake their horns, they have the best quality horns EVER!

I'm still using my Bach 42BL for marching season though! My beautiful babies ^^

Anyways sorry for not updating, been way too busy with Section leadering, which turned out to not only be extremely stressful but extremely rewarding. [of course it's the delayed gratification type]

I am now a member of the Young Artists Symphony, they're pretty cool. I think I'd want to be in CYO... But too late now I guess? Either way...

I'm trying to think less about things that will not help me acheive my goals, like negative thoughts. Productivity is the key to my success, I'm learning a lot!

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